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USTETA Semiconductor Committee

Committee Mission Statement

The USTETA Semiconductor Committee resolves to lead the United States toward cutting-edge technologies in the semiconductor industry and protect critical national security infrastructure..

Committee Goals and Initiatives

  • Create a majority American Semiconductor supply chain
  • Maintain the Bureau of Industry and Security’s designation of Gallium Oxide and diamond as Section 1758 technologies
  • Push for full and immediate implementation of PL 117-167—the CHIPS Act of 2022 and the Research and Development, Competition, and Innovation Act
  • Expand incentives for domestic semiconductor fabrication
  • Protect intellectual property related to semiconductor innovations and research
  • Promote increased funding for STEM education to foster the next generation of American ingenuity
  • Increase the breadth and scale of research into the future of semiconductors at the National Science Foundation
  • Secure a steady supply of semiconductor chips to protect the national security apparatus

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