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EyeDetect by Converus, Inc 

EyeDetect®, by Converus, Inc is a next-generation lie detector that’s quickly changing the way the world detects deception because it’s fast, cost-effective, accurate and unbiased. This credibility assessment tool can be used to screen job applicants and test employees, criminal suspects, parolees and immigrants — as well as law enforcement and public safety personnel — to protect against corruption and crime. There are currently nine published, peer-reviewed articles or reports scientifically validatingthe technology underlying EyeDetect. When compared to polygraph, EyeDetect is the world’s first nonintrusive, ocular-motor based lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 15-30 minutes by analyzing eye behavior (including pupil dilation, blinks, fixations, response times, and other eye movements). There are no cables or sensors attached to the examinee. This automated, true/false test requires no examiner, making it 100% unbiased. During an EyeDetect test, an infrared eye tracker records over 90,000 eye measurements of each eye. At the conclusion of the test, the data are uploaded to a secure cloud server and analyzed by proprietary algorithms. A detailed report is ready within 5 minutes, indicating whether the person is truthful or deceptive to the test questions. EyeDetect is currently used by U.S. city and county law enforcement agencies, as well as foreign governments and private companies. EyeDetect is the new, efficient way to help protect countries, corporations and communities from corruption, fraud and threats.

EyeDetect now makes it possible to:

  • Detect deception at 86% accuracy
  • Quickly test individuals or groups
  • Eliminate testing backlogs
  • Drastically reduce costs
  • Provide a 100% unbiased and incorruptible test
  • Administer tests in multiple languages
  • Test without attaching cables, sensors
  • Maintain an honest workforce
  • Detect who has previously committed crimes
  • Determine if parole has been violated